Memories ❤


Memories are everything.
What’s the point of living without memories?
What if we woke up one morining and wouldn’t remember anything about ourselves?  Or what if we’d realise that our whole life was a dream?
Would you be able to live without knowing who you are?

Sometimes we want our bad memories gone. We want to forget them forever and we wish that some things never happened. But in reality those are the memories that made us who we are today. The bad things in life are the things that shape our mind. It’s all about how we handle some situations. This makes us who we are.

I also did things I wish I didn’t and said stuff that now I regret, but the secret is to not let it control you. You can’t let your whole life depend on that one thing you did.
Move on and let go.
Life has so much more to offer. There are so many things you haven’t seen or done yet. Take a deep breath, ’cause you are so stong now.
Take a big step forward, your life’s waiting for you to live it at it’s fullest.

But, darling, don’t forget about your memories.
Come back from time to time, you’ll need to see how far you’ve come.




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