Autumn – winter wishlist (Romwe)


A few days ago I found out about ROMWE  , which is a really cool online shop. I really liked the website, so I made a wishlist for you to see my favourite pieces from them. You can check it out and send me your favourites in the coments! I would love to see what clothes you like wearing.
Also, I added a book that I really want to read as soon as possible.

1.Drop Shoulder Varsity Striped Cutout Crop Sweatshirt

I just love ripped sweaters this year. And I think that this color just screams autumn! I think that it’s perfect for fall and  it looks so stylish.

2.Pink Raglan Sleeve Letters Print Jacket

No need to explain this one. Bomber jackets are just everything this autumn. And I love that it’s babypink, my favourice colour besides black and white, and on the back it has written ONLY QUEEN.

3.Black Round Toe Tie Back Over The Knee Boots

Over the knee velvet boots. Tons of outfits come to my mind when I just think of them. I am usually afraid to wear velvet, because it’s hard to take care of, but I just need those.

4.Grey Slit Side Dip Hem Sweater Dress

As you have probably seen by now, I only wear confortable desses, without many details and fancy stuff on them. And this one looks like the perfect clothing piece for this winter especially.

5.Black Rainbow Embroidered Crop Sweatshirt

This is a simple black sweatshirt, but what I really love about it is that it has a rainbow in the corner. You can see by the title that rainbows are like my thing so I had to add this sweater in this wishlist.

6. The girl on the train book

And how could I not end this withlist with a book? I’ve been wanting The girl on the train since last fall. I know the movie came out so I really want to read it before I see to many spoilers 🙂




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