My Christmas

Hi. It may sound weird, but I decided to start a tag called ” My Christmas”. So I am going to do it and then, at the end I will tag some bloggers that I like.
In this tag you have to post some pictures of your Christmas and write how you celebrated it. You also have to show what you got for Christmas and also what presents you gave to your friends, parents and family. I thought that this would be fun. This way we can also help other people with presents and decoration ideas for the next year. So let’s see how I spent my Christmas this year.
First , I want to say that I do not usually do a lot on Christmas. When I was younger we didn’t even get presents, because in my country Sana Claus is usually coming on 31st of the December night (New Year). But a few years ago we started celebrate Christmas, too.  So this year I had a pretty cool Christmas.

I don’t usuabookpic-5-harry-potter-si-piatra-filosofala-35817lly buy presents on Christmas, cause I, like I said I do all this stuff on 31st of December. This year I decided that I will buy 2 presents on Christmas, too. I love buying presents for the love ones. It is just so much fun for me 🙂 ❤ . Anyways, on the 24th of December I went to the book store to buy some presents(books) for my sister & my cousin. I spent like two hours to buy two books 🙂 . Finally , I decided to buy for my sister Harry Potter an the philosopher’s stone. I actually bought the new romanian edition which btw looks gorgeous. 🙂  and for my cousin I bought Ea & el by Mark Levy. I think in english It would be ”If only we were true” , but I am not sure.
948244I just hope that they liked my presents. By the way my sister’s 10 and she doesn’t know that the book is from me so :Shhht! 😀
After I bought the presents I got home and I wraped them. I love wrapping all my presents. Then I went to bed (we don’t celebrate Christmas Eve). In the morning I was pretty sure that I will be getting ” Divergent” by Veronica Roth so I wasn’t that excited about my presents. But I really wanted to see my sister’s face when she gets my present so I went to wake her up. After she woke up we went down stairs to see if my parents & my brother are awaken and yes, they were. Then we went to see our presens. After I unpacked my present, which by the way was…yes…”Divergent” by Veronica Roth my parents told us to look better under the tree and we saw more presents.
I was pretty confused, because I usually get only one present for Christmas. I had no idea what could be there. I unpacked it and It was a camera, which I wanted so bad, but I thought they would buy it on my birthday. My father told that he will buy one for me, but not on Christmas. So that was a pretty cool surprise for me. Now I will be able to post better photos and to post more on my  Photography category.

In my sock I got some sweets.P1010013
After I unpacked all my presents I did some photos and I started to read some pages from the book which seems to be so good. I will definetly do a revew when I finish it.
At 2 p.m.  came our guests and we had so much fun together. And yesterday my parents gave me a photo album to add there my best bictures. So that was my Christmas.


I want to say that I had a wanderful Christmas and It was definetly my best Christmas ever. I am just so grateful for all my presents, for my family and to everyone that came to celebrate Christmas with us. It means a lot.

Now for the fun part! I will tag 5 bloggers that I like to do this ”tag” and to tell their Christmas story.
1. Cuddle with books
2. The pleasure of books
3. Rachel’s book rambles
4. Only true magic 
5. The 5th one is actually a romanian blogger which I enjoy reading & I will post her blog link in my romanian post.

If you are a blogger and you like my tag you can do it, too without someone to tag you. Hope you enjoyed and have a nice holiday. ❤


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