Christmas decorations ♥ (+ DIY Christmas tree)

A lot of you may know that I am madly in love with Christmas. I love everything about it. It is officially my favourite holiday ever 🙂 I love it even more than my birthday. So I decited to post something about it on my blog, because this blog is about stuff that I love.
And what a better post would I write than Christmas decorations ? I know many of you don’t know how to decorate your room for Christmas and I decided that I’ll share my ideas with you.

1. Christmas lights ! 
Everyone loves Christmas lights. I love them even more than any of you does :). But this year I just didn’t know how to decorate them to look fancy. But after I searched all internet I decided, after all to keep it simple. That’s the best advice I could ever give to you. Keep it simple. That’s how I arranged them:

After all I think it turned out pretty cool. You can also decorate your bed or arrange them around a
photo to make it look cool. There are so many choices. It depends on how your room looks. 

2.Candles ! 
I am sure that I am not the only one that loves candles on Christmas. Its smell just makes me go crazy. I have some candles at home, but I just decorated mine with one, because, again, I kept it simple.You can add more if you want to, but I just felt that one looks so cool in my room. And of course I had to add oranges in the picture…everyone knows that there is no Christmas without oranges, right?

3.Little decorative stuff.
Every Christmas I gotta make some DIYs. It’s like my tradition or something :)). Last Christmas I made this little Christmas tree and I thought that it was so cute so I decided to make it this year, too 🙂

But of course I changed some stuff while making it. And I am going to show you how I made it.
You’ll need:
1.Paper (A4)
3.Christmas lights (only if you want to use those,too)


1.Create your tree form.First of all you need to create the form of your tree from the paper.For that you have to create the tree form template. Then you have to roll the paper until it’s all curvy-like. After that you have to glue along the tab until the tree is secure.It has to look like this.
*the photo isn’t mine
2. Attach garland.Now all you have to do is to attach the garland all over the tree until you can’t see the paper. If you want you can add the Christmas lights the same way as you did with the garland.

 It is an easy way to decoate your room for Christmas when your out of ideas.

Thank you for checking out my post and I hope I helped you.
I am so excited for Christmas..omg :))



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